- stable and profitable mining pools! supports POW mining for selection of coins which have active dev teams and we can see them as reliable and trustworthy.
Coin Algorithm Pool Hashrate / Network Hashrate Network difficulty Active Miners Pool fee
bitcore mining Bitcore (BTX) Port: 8001 or 1111 TimeTravel10 14 Gh/s / 42.2 Gh/s 1680.3 92 1.25%
lux mining Luxcoin (LUX) Port: 8003 phi2 1.8 Gh/s / 105.9 Gh/s 3012.3 28 0.5%
bitsend mining Bitsend (BSD) Port: 8005 xevan 48.7 Mh/s / 3 Gh/s 61.9 7 1%
raven mining Raven (RVN) Port: 8006 x16r 2.4 Gh/s / 4824.1 Gh/s 62118.9 15 0.5%
Summary all coins 18.2 Gh/s

How to monitor your miner earnings, pool profitability or to restart your miner remotely?

We suggest to register at EthMonitoring which allows you to setup miner monitoring with a hashrate reporting from the miner software.
The premium service also allows to monitor pool profitability based on your real pool earnings. It's available as a mobile app too or you can control it through a simple web interface.

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Mining profit calculator

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